Q. Why do I get a secure certificate warning?

A. Older, insecure browsers, such as Internet Explorer do not handle secure connections in a modern manner. If you are willing to ignore/accept the messages, then you may be able to use this site. The message is due to the use of Google, which allows us to monitor and improve the site. This does not impair your security in any way. It is highly advisable to use a more up-to-date internet browser - see the points below.


Q. Why does this site look all jumbled up?

A. This website has been built with particular PC setups in mind. there is such a large variation in the way computers are used, that it is impossible to cater to all variations. Below shows the recommended setups.

Screen size: 1024x768 or 1280x768  - larger sizes should be OK but you may find text small. Use the zoom function in your browser to increase text size.

Browsers: Firefox 3; Internet Explorer 7/8; Opera 9/10.

Safari and Google Chrome have had minimal testing.

You are recommended to disable any browser so-called helpers, such as Google Toolbar and others.

General: To use this site you will need to allow javascript to run. Cookies are used to track elements within the site and are particularly important when making a purchase.


Q. I don't see exactly what I'm looking for. Somethings are close but not quite right; can you supply something different?

A. Please get in touch via the the Contact Us form, we will try to assist wherever possible.

Q. I purchased some things from you but haven't heard back from you. Why?

A. Are you sure that you confirmed your order?

Please login to your account. If there are items still in the shopping cart, then it very much looks as if the order wasn't completed.

Look in your account history. If your expected items are showing there, then something may have gone wrong with the process. Please check in your 'junk' or 'spam' folders of your email, just in case you've missed an email from us.

Finally, get in touch with us, using the Contact Us form, with as much detail about your order as you can.






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