Our flatback iron on Rhinestones have a dry glue layer on the flat (fixing) surface. This glue is heat activated and melts upon application of heat at the right temperature; this melting process helps in fixing them onto the fabric / gament on which they are placed. We supply full fixing instructions along with all our supplied products, however for information, below listed are some of the various methods widely used in applying Rhinestones to decorate garments and other accessories. Please note that methods, temperature, pressure and times mentioned here are meant for reference only; These only apply to the Rhinestones that we sell and will vary for other makes and so will temperature settings and times. The fabric content used also plays a big roll in defining the amount of temperature to by used and the time needed to fix Rhinestones properly.


Hand Embellishment

The most common method of applying Hotfix (iron on) Rhinestones is to arrange them by hand in form of a design or text, directly on the garment to be embellished. This can be done by means of a pair of tweezers - Stones are placed one at a time with their flat glue side facing down. Once the desired pattern / design is achieved these can be heat applied using a domestic iron, a heat press or a hotfix applicator. We will supply times, temperature and pressure instructions to use with an iron, along wth your purchases.

Using a heat activated Transfer paper also known as Mylar paper

In this method Rhinestones are arranged on the sticky layer of the transfer paper instead of directly placing them on the fabric / garment. Stones are again arranged in the same manner as the hand embellishment method, only this time keeping the glue side facing up instead of down. Once a desired design is achieved the transfer paper could either be stored for use later or directly applied on a garment and then heat pressed using any of the above mentioned heat application processes.

One can even use a reference image of the design to be arranged with Rhinestones. To do that print a mirror image of the design to be arranged using your computer printer - then place this design facing up underneath the transparent transfer paper - this provides a much easier reference which could then be followed and Rhinestones placed on the sticky mylar sheet with reference to the printed design beneath.

Using a Hotfix Applicator

This method utilises the wand style heat applicators which are used to lift one Rhinestone at a time and then be place where desired, straight on the garment itself. The benifits are obviously of more control over the placement of stones and versatility of fabrics / accessories that could be decorated due to localised heat that only focuses on one point at a time instead of the whole area heat which is the case when using an iron or heat press; this also helps in decorating objects of three dimensional shapes without damaging them. It is possible to decorate items like canvas shoes, bags and purses, table lamps etc. very easily using an applicator.


After care

When fixed properly using the correct temperature, pressure and time, our rhinestones are machine washable upto 40 degrees celcius or at hand wash settings. Some important things to remember are:

  • Always turn the garment inside out.
  • Wash at 40 degrees celcius temperature (not higher)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • When ironing try ironing inside out or avoiding the embellished areas.


Basically, it is important to avoid applying a lot of heat of any nature to the embellished garment because it could again melt the dry glue behind these stones and make them loose or fall off the garment.

It is also important that you do not try to pluck them off after they are fixed on a garment because this could result in you ripping off the fabric itself and creating a hole in place.





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